Meeting Schedule: October 26th (2016) and March 29th (2017)

Program Coordinator: Joe Taylor (Franklin's Promise Coalition), 850-323-0176

Collaborators: Volunteer Florida, The Florida Association of Volunteer Resource Managers, The Forgotten Coast Cultural Coalition and UF/IFAS

Franklin's Promise Coalition serves as the region's lead agency for volunteerism, supporting the many volunteers and the agencies who benefit from their generous contributions of time and talent. Based on Asset Based Community Development principles, the Coalition believes that everyone is an important part of addressing community issues/challenges and volunteers are the catalysts for positive solutions.





Volunteer Connect is an online volunteer and agency database which matches volunteers to service opportunities in the Forgotten Coast region. The Coalition collaborates with over 40 institutions, agencies, organizations and community groups who utilize volunteers to fulfill their missions and complete projects that impact critical community needs. The Coalition provides training to support the engagement of skills based volunteers, to advocate for volunteers with a focus on matching a volunteer’s personal objectives to high priority tasks, and furthering the Coalition’s aim to reduce poverty and strengthen community resilience. For collaborating partner's listings, complete agency profiles, and volunteer opportunities, click here to access the Volunteer Connect system.

Within the last five years, the Coalition has been instrumental in establishing community initiatives such as Historic Apalachicola Main Street, The Apalachicola Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary, City Square Community Garden, and the K.U.T. Youth Center. These programs now operate cooperatively, but independently with minimal support from the Coalition. These organizations now have their own boards, committees and volunteers who plan, gather resources, implement and evaluate the activities and services they provide. Lastly, the Coalition has build strong relationships with regional organizations and has a multi-year history of collaborative projects within the panhandle counties. Since 2012, the Coalition has served as the local lead agency for the fisheries failure declared by the US Department of Commerce. Volunteers have been critical in addressing the crisis through the A-Hand-Up Volunteer Assistance Program and the SMARRT initiative. Coalition staff and volunteer leaders received recognition in 2014 and 2015 from the Florida Association of Volunteer Resource Managers (FAVRM) and the Volunteer Florida Governor’s Champion of Service Award. Coalition staff is active in State volunteer initiatives and serves on the FAVRM Board of Directors.

Franklin's Promise Coalition is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  

Visit us at  60 Island Drive, Eastpoint, FL 32328

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