Meeting Schedule: October 16th, November 20th (2016) and January 16th (2017)

Initiative Chair: Sister Jeanne Drea, OP (St. Patrick's Catholic Church), 850-653-3930

Initiative Director: Joe Taylor (Franklin's Promise Coalition), 850-323-0176

Collaborators: Franklin County Schools, ABC School, CareerSource Gulf Coast, Capital Area Communkty Action Agency, Florida Department of Health, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, DISC Village, Apalachee Center, Big Bend Community Based Care, UF/Arts in Medicine.

A holistic approach to addressing the challenges that face the people of Franklin County and the Apalachicola watershed region with and emphasis on organizational collaboration and building human capacity. The "Prosper Franklin Team" will focus on sustainable long term goals which impact economic diversification, job growth, education and workforce development, as well as, building and bridging social capital.


The initiative is rooted in two philosophies, Dr. John McKnight's Asset Based Community Development and the "Framework for Understanding Poverty"  work of Dr. Ruby Payne found in the "Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin' by World" curriculum.

So the Coalition works within the community that it serves, identifying strengths and building upon those strengths to enable people to address and ultimately solve their own problems.  The whole community has a role in solving multi-generational poverty. With a goal for everyone to understand the hidden rules of economic class, how to build the 11 resources for a happy, self-sufficient life and the "tyrany of the moment" experienced by those in poverty, Prosper Franklin aims to create dilerberate friendships which bridge human capital.


Meeting Schedule: The fourth Monday of Each month at 6pm at the Apalachicola Community Center. All meetings are open to the public.

SMARRT Chair: Shannon Hartsfield (Franklin County Seafood Workers' Association), 850-653-5190

Facilitator: Betty Webb (BTW Services), 850-323-0567

Collaborators: University of Florida,  UF Oyster Recovery Team, Healthy Gulf/Healthy Communities, Florida Sea Grant, City of Apalachicola, Franklin's Promise Coalition, Volunteer Florida, Florida Fish And Wildlife Commission, Florida Department of Agriculture, Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve, CareerSource Gulf Coast, , Florida Department of Health, and  Apalachicola Riverkeeper.

SMARRT is a community based asset driven effort to build local capacity/consensus for the management of Apalachicola Bay. The idea to develop a sustainable and resilient resource management plan to insure the future of Franklin County’s seafood heritage is a priority. To that end, SMARRT brings seafood industry leaders dependent on a sustainable and healthy Apalachicola River & Bay system together with federal and state regulators to develop a plan for the health and sustainable use of Apalachicola Bay.


Accomplishments are as follows:

1.  Continuing - Oyster Recovery Team w/ University of Florida (Dr. Karl Havens and Dr. Andrew Kane)  Including: Apalachicola Bay Oyster Situation Report

2.  Continuing - Discussions & Communication w/ DACS and FWC on Restoration Programs, Enforcement and Regulations

3.  Completed - Leadership Workshop Report by Adam Boudreaux, IFAS, University of Florida

4.  Continuing - Mandatory Educational Requirements (DACS and IFAS)

5.  Completed - Franklin County Long-term Diversification Strategy – Department of Economic Opportunity (Julie Dennis)

6.  Completed – Letter of Support for Water Resources Development Act of 2013 – Apalachicola Freshwater Flows (Dan Tonsmeire)

7.  Completed - ACFS Request – Participation in “Delphi Process” to help in selecting an Apalachicola Bay Assessment method (Gail Bingham) Phase I, II and Follow-up

8.  Completed – Letter of Support for Amendment to Bill S.601 (Dan Tonsmeire)

9.  Completed - Review - FWC Apalachicola Bay Issues Report

10. Completed – River Snagging Opposition Determination – Letter sent to COE

11. Completed – Bag Limit, Close East Hole in Summer, Rec 5gal/person ( J Estes)

12. Monitoring - RESTORE Act - Project Proposal, University of Florida (Dr. Andy Kane) & CareerSiurce Gulf Coast (Kim Bodine) - $64,163,047 (Submitted)

13. Monitoring -  Fisheries Disaster Funding Request (NOAA) – FWC $67,024,415

$75 Million Allocated for Six Disasters (Local Allocation Amount - $6,316,533)

14. Monitoring – NWFWMD Apalachicola River and Bay Assessment - $465,000        15. Monitoring – ACFS Bay Assessment (Active)

16. Completed – DACS/NAS Aquaculture $420,000 - $400K Mini-Shelling Program

17. Monitoring – FWC/UF (NFWF) Funding – Bay Oyster Restoration Study - $4,189,000 (Active)

18. Monitoring – NRDA Early Restoration Fund - $5.4K

19. Monitoring – Hatchery Potential in Franklin County

20. Monitoring – Cultch Material from Gulf Coast Aggregate/Carrabelle Quarry

Franklin's Promise Coalition is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  

Visit us at  60 Island Drive, Eastpoint, FL 32328

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