Meeting Schedule: October 26th (2016) and March 29th (2017)

Program Coordinator: Joe Taylor (Franklin's Promise Coalition), 850-323-0176

Collaborators: Weems Memorial Hospital, UF/IFAS. FAMU/IFAS, Florida Department of Health, DISC Village, City of Apalachicola, Franklin County Schools, ABC School, Forgotten Coast Cultural Coalition, University of Florida, University of Arizona, FarmShare, America's Second Harvest, and supported by the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs.


The Arts in Medicine initiative focuses on strengthening existing and developing new partnerships which strategically utilize arts activities to enhance individual resilience and build stronger communities. The program serves the residents of this low-income rural region by engaging a broad range of participants, particularly under-served populations and providing access to artistic excellence while stimulating creative problem solving. Since 2009, the initiative has served as a rural program model for the State of Florida, supporting other communities to develop successful programs.

Utilizing a trained team of artists and volunteers who work with a broad range of education and social service partners, the initiative provides significant benefits through arts programs to:
- identify and develop strategies which reduce barriers to individual and community resilience.
- improve quality of social services for clients, their families, and staff.
- enhance the social service environment.
- support the physical, financial, mental, and emotional well being of clients and their families.
- improve the communication and comprehension of wellness information.
- reduce stress and burnout among health care and social service professionals.
- and, strengthen individual, family and community resiliency.


1) Bring the arts and creative opportunities to community members in a way that supports individual wellness and strengthens community resilience.
2) Provide access to the arts and build arts participation by exposing diverse populations to creative opportunities in a broad range of social service, healthcare and community settings.
3) Serve as a model for arts in wellness programming to other rural communities.

1) Strategically align arts activities to support services and programs which improve community resilience to include mental health, poverty reduction, substance abuse, disaster preparation, hunger/nutrition and negative behaviors among youth.
2) Engage social service and educational partners in the use of arts activities to address individual wellness and community issues.
3) Develop partnerships in the region that will facilitate the establishment of new programs/services which address increasing the resiliency of under-served community members.
4)Provide an annual training opportunity as well as consulting services for artists, social service professionals, and community leaders throughout the Panhandle region in order to disseminate the concept/s to other communities.
5) Strengthen our administrative and artistic base by providing an annual opportunity for training in conjunction with the University of Florida.

Franklin's Promise Coalition is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  

Visit us at  60 Island Drive, Eastpoint, FL 32328

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