EDUCATION "encouraging and supporting crew members to earn a high school diploma"

The ED Corps was established as a partnership between Franklin's Promise Coalition and Franklin County Schools to facilitate crew members' efforts to attain their high school diplomas.  Young adults are able to earn their credits, complete their testing and compete successfully for jobs with a diploma.

As area youth applied to participate as crew members in the first year of the initiative, those without high school diplomas were at a grave disadvantage when it came to planning a career path. ED Corps became the solution through a partnership with the Franklin County School District as a program of the Alternative School under the guidance of Elinor S. Mount-Simmons, Academic Coach.

ED Corps began August 2016 as the academic component of the Conservation Corps with the mission of providing an opportunity for those crew members who did not have their high school diploma. Approved as an official alternative school of the Franklin County School District at an August 2016 school board meeting, the doors officially opened Monday, August 22, 2016 for students eager to complete the Florida Department of Education’s high school graduation requirements.

Currently, enrollment is capped at ten students. Initially, six students were enrolled by Day 1 and began working diligently on earning their high school credits. ED Corps students recognize the valuable significance of this educational opportunity and work diligently each day to complete coursework, earn credits and eventually receive the coveted award, their high school diploma.

ED Corps Accomplishments:

  • 18 courses completed and 34 credits earned
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